Irrigation 101 With Your Miami Gardens sprinkler Repair & Installation Specialists

In-line sprinkler timer ready for installation in Miami Gardens FloridaWe are all about saving our Miami Gardens customers money, while helping them achieve the yard of their dreams. If you are looking to take a few steps in the right direction, but have no idea where to start in terms of home irrigation, let us show you how.

Consistency is Key

If you don't have a watering schedule or timer, chances are you are either overwatering or underwatering. Your lawn needs a consistent and effective watering schedule. Inconsistent watering will result in a patchy, dead, or unhealthy lawn. Remember that your lawn needs about an inch of coverage once per week, during the evening. If you can stick to this feeding schedule, you will allow for a hardier, more deeply rooted ground cover.

Zone Placement

Our Miami Gardens sprinkler installation pros like to subdivide our yards into micro irrigation zones based on plant grouping. This allows for a tailored approach that is different for each zone. Chances are that you will save water when micro irrigation zoning is put in place for your yard. If you want to learn more about these micro irrigation zones, call one of our Miami Gardens team today!

Minimize Evaporation

Hot soil will lose more water to evaporation, plain and simple. Keeping bare soil away from direct sunlight with mulch, shade, and ground cover will keep temperatures low, allowing the soil to retain much more water. In addition, try to water in the morning or evening hours to ensure that the soil is relatively cool.

We're Always Here to Help

We leave our customers with not only satisfaction but armed with greater knowledge to help them keep their yards pristine. For more tips and tricks when it comes to your property, we're always happy to answer your questions. Call today!

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